Code of Ethics



As Members of the SRIC Foundation Council, members of the SRIC Scientific Committee and SRIC’s operational team, we commit to the following:


Our personal commitment:

  • We commit to contribute in our personal capacity to the objectives of the SRIC and to act with integrity and due diligence;
  • We offer our contribution according to our own competence and best knowledge;
  • We respect the people we work with and the skateholders we engage with;
  • We commit to be politically non-partisan and non-sectarian in our work;
  • We provide full disclosure of all personal and professional matters that could potentially influence our independence and objectivity (conflict of interests) regarding our function within the SRIC.

Our institutional responsibility:

  • We promote the academic integrity and neutrality of research in areas relevant to SRIC;
  • We foster a free academic environment to conduct independent research;
  • We strive for academic research excellence; whatever is published by the SRIC must be subject to the strictest norms and highest standards of academia;
  • We undertake to disseminate widely research findings to scholars, policy-makers, international organisations, non-government organizations and the interested public, without censorship;
  • We ensure full transparency of SRIC activities as well as its finances and accounting.

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