SRIC Foundation


  • Founders


    The founding members are the University of Geneva, the Geneva Canton (department of security and economy), the Swiss Confederation (federal department of foreign affairs), the International Trade Centre, Swisscontact, the Swiss Trading and Shipping Association and the Swiss Coffee Trade Association.

  • Members


    Yves Flückiger (UNIGE), Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser (UNIGE), Daniel Loeffler (DSE), Heidi Grau (DFAE), Arancha Gonzalez (ITC), Samuel Bon (Swisscontact), Stéphane Graber (STSA), Nicolas Tamari (SCTA).

  • History


    The genesis of the SRIC Foundation was the establishment of a ‘centre of excellence in commodities’ at the University of Geneva in 2007 to provide knowledge and skills to young professionals in the area of commodity trading and serve as a forum for discussion between key actors. The main knowledge providers were initially professionals and local authorities in the field of commodities but this was progressively broadened to facilitate input from International Organizations and civil society.

  • Mission


    The Swiss Research Institute on Commodities aims at providing a solid basis for decision-making both in the public and in the private sector through the promotion of research in the area of commodity trading, trade finance and shipping. The SRIC also aims at disseminating knowledge and at providing a platform for discussion.





“The Central Role of Commodity Trading in Modernising Supply Chains”


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At the FER (Fédération des Entreprises Romandes), rue de Saint Jean 98 – 1201 Geneva


27 FEBRUARY 2018


From 10:45 to 16:30, a day full of interaction with experts



For its 10th Edition, the Trading Forum will welcome speakers from the industry, public authorities, civil society and academia, bringing together a plurality of views and insights. The Morning Plenary will highlight the latest developments, key facts and hot topics in major commodities markets. 


Two Workshops in parallel session will address:

1. Streamlined Supply Chains: Impact on Business Models,

2. Commotech: New Tools & Processes enabling Efficient Trade Flows.

These will be followed by a Plenary Session focusing on actionable thinking.





To see the detailed programme, Click Here



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Trading Forum 2017




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Commodities 2017 Agefi - STSA


Front page Commodities 2017 capture 





















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